Geometra’s Survey Manager supports maintenance and investment requirement  planning and asset management programmes.

Full and partial property and asset condition surveys can be created through the surveyor toolkit, and issued to individual PDAs for on-site completion.  Where required property floor plans and photographs can be captured, stored and shared.  Specialist surveys (damp, heating systems, even asbestos, etc.) can be created as well and information incorporated into the condition database.

Typically linked to your own history of installations and depreciation policies the Geometra approach links wear and tear assessments to target repair and renewal programmes. Reporting can be configured to provide both detail and trend information.

Remedial works requests can be raised during surveys, checks of previously completed works included, and serious issues marked for immediate action.  These are captured and notified in real time to appropriate managers,

Programmes of work can be identified by component, by timeframe, and by property, scheme, estate, archetype.  Information on work content can inform Geometra’s Procurement System and provide consistent and appropriate information to potential suppliers.

Updated information can be uploaded, survey generated, or updated directly by authorised staff.  An audit trail of changes made to the data provides a reconciliation history if require