The Geometra Compliance suite fully protects the integrity of H&S inspections, statutory audits, advisory assessments and any other regulatory or management requirement. Actions will never be forgotten or deleted.

An assessment can be created for any requirement. The assessments can be allocated and scheduled. Current status is always up to date and clearly viewable through the configurable dashboard.

There are three prime modules in the Compliance Suite:
Property Manager enables you to schedule out appropriate inspections and audits with reminders and notifications to contractors and staff, and escalations to managers.  It allows access to reports, documents etc. including if required field-based access to asbestos information, etc.

Asset Manager performs a similar role for non-property items subject to similar rigours, such as tools, ladders, trees, playground equipment, pumps, vehicles, equipment, etc.

Action Manager gives staff the ability to modify an Action, be that change the timeframe or the remedy, or commission staff or contractors to undertake works.  Note, an Action can never be ‘lost’; there isn’t the risk of accidental erasure of a line in a spreadsheet.  Every change to an Action is audited.

Actions can include complaints and incidents, and the process flow of these can be tailored as appropriate.  Staff access can be restricted.

There is no seat-based licensing.  System access is on an when and whom required basis.

Comprehensive reporting is available via the dashboard and the report builder function.